Reverse Osmosis System Reviews

Reverse Osmosis System Reviews


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Reverse Osmosis System Reviews

Reverse Osmosis is the “Gold Standard” of water purification methods. Our Reverse Osmosis System Reviews will show you why you should have at least one in your home, office or travel kit. We all need pure, clean drinking water to not only survive, but actually thrive in our modern world.


Like the planet we live on, our bodies are made up of about 70-80% water. Without clean water no life on earth would exist. Not only is pure water crucial to all life, the quality of the water that we are drinking (and use for cooking, rinsing our food with, washing our faces with and bathe/shower in) will determine our individual health and performance levels.


Reverse Osmosis (RO) is one of the best water filter systems on the planet. There are others which are great for conditions where RO systems may not fit as they are usually larger and more complex because of their high level of water purification and filtering. You will see the most common water filter types and their benefits.


The quality of your life is highly dependent on the quality of the nutrients you fuel your body with. You get out your body what you put into it. There is absolutely no substitute for making sure you and your family are using the Best Reverse Osmosis System you can get!


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Alkaline Water Benefits

One of the most important things you can do for your health, appearance and performance is to start using the best water you can get for drinking, cooking and bathing. It makes a huge difference in my own life, as a natural bodybuilder and fitness enthusiast, I am always looking look, feel and perform at my best. I’m in my middle-age years now, and look and perform like those half my age. Most times I can outlift, out run, out hike my younger counterparts. 


I am able to do that because I’ve discovered a very important “secret” about life. Most diseases and chronic health conditions, including aging, are due to chronic inflammation due to acidosis, or from eating and drinking things that are too acidic. If you alkalize your body, you don’t give disease a chance to hold on to you and feed of you. I got an alkaline water filter system, and it has made a huge difference in all areas of my life (better physical health, better brain health, better appearance, and better performance.)


Also make sure you are drinking highly filtered water, and never tap water! Tap water has so many contaminants in it is should not even be called water. Poison would be a better word. 


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What’s In Your Tap Water?

Most people don’t realize that there are hundreds, if not thousands of chemicals hiding in the tap water they are drinking! Not to mention microbes like bacteria, amoeba, viruses, and parasites. Don’t forget about toxic heavy metals and contaminants like radiation, fluoride, chloramine, chlorine, nitrates, hormones, pharmaceutical drugs, aluminum, lead, mercury, arsenic, glyphosate and pesticide run off.


Most of these toxic chemicals damage your DNA, poison your organs and brain, weaken your bones and cause cancer! By filtering your water and removing the harmful contaminants you will feel so much better after a week or so. And even better, if you add an alkaline filter you add the beneficial minerals (that make the water a healthy alkaline) that will greatly improve your health and performance. Getting the best water filter system is the best overall health decision you can make.


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Water Filter System Review

The number one thing you can do is chose one, and use it! Never drink tap water (bathe or cook in it) as there too many health and energy destroying things in it. Here is a brief overview of water filter types, followed by a comparison of the best water filters.


These are the most common types of water purification methods:


They all have their pro’s and con’s, but they are all 100% better than unfiltered tap water (unless you live near an uncontaminated natural spring. The only ones I would trust my health to are water purification methods like Water Distillation, Reverse Osmosis and Water Ionization.


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Water Filter Comparisons

Here is a Whole House Water Filter Comparison showing the most common type of water filtration for your home.  It begins with the main types of home water filters; Water Distiller Units, Reverse Osmosis Systems, Pure Effects Filters and Alkaline Water Ionizers.  Some home water filters can include a mix of different types of filters on one unit (pre-filters for specific purification issues, like excess lead or aluminum in your local water district’s tap water supply.)  


Distilled Water is a method that boils water to make steam, and catches that evaporated water to make a more purified water. It is usually called an “empty water” as it removes most minerals, including some beneficial minerals like calcium and magnesium. That makes the water acidic and less healthy unless you are specifically detoxing. Don’t drink this water too long or you will end up with osteoporosis and many chronic diseases. 


Pure Effects Filters are high level water purification filters that remove all the bad stuff, including fluoride, radiation, and pesticides like glyphosate. These filter units have zeolite filters built in, that remove a whole different level of nasties from your drinking tap water. Zeolite Powder should be in every water filter, but most are still not aware of it’s huge level of benefits, that go beyond ordinary filtering capability! 


Water Ionizers produce the best water overall as they have the filtering level of RO but the ability to remineralize the water making it super alkaline, disease fighting, anti-aging and health promoting. It is the most hydrating, because it creates structured water, where the water has the proper surface tension to enter into your body’s cells and tissues and fully hydrate them (because of their structure and molecule size) making it highly usable to your body.


Alkaline Water also tastes by far the best because of the natural alkaline minerals in it. It also oxygenates your body and brain cells and increases physical workout hydration and performance. I use it during and post-workout to allow me to workout harder and longer without stopping because of lactic acid buildup. However they are the most expensive because they take the purified water and then split the molecules into acidic and alkaline parts.


Reverse Osmosis System (RO) is highly purified water that has most everything removed from it, including most contaminants like fluoride and heavy metals, though not all radiation or pesticides.  If you are buying your water in a water kiosk or store they typically combine it with UltraViolet ray treatment to also get the pathogens (microbes like bacteria, amoeba, protozoa, giardia, viruses, etc.) Unless they add in additional alkaline minerals the water will be acidic and not has healthy as filtered alkaline water to your body.  


For more information on a high quality yet reasonably priced RO system see our article on the Best Reverse Osmosis System or click on the menu bar at the top of this page and see the various types of Reverse Osmosis Systems, like Under Sink, Countertop and Portable RO systems.


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